Q. Where do you shoot?

A.  It depends on you!  Some packages include a beautiful Boutique Hotel as a location or you can add one on.  Many of our clients also choose to shoot in the comfort of their own home, using our lighting equipment or natural light. 

Q.  Will you help me pose?

A.  Yes! Of course. This is probably our most asked question. We believe this is one of our great skills - getting non-models to pose (and look!) like models. We absolutely get it that this is nerve-wracking... but it doesn't have to be! We've posed and captured hundreds of women, all of whom felt a lot like you in the beginning - nervous, excited, nervous...excited! And we walk them through every step, getting them to laugh the whole way. We're telling you : 10 minutes in and you will be owning it!

Q.  Will you put my photos on the internet?

A. Only if you want them there.  I only use images in my website from consenting clients.  I will NEVER publish your images without your express consent.

Q.  Do you do photography for full-figured women?

A. YES, yes, yes. We love curves and have a lot of our own ;) We get that it can be a sensitive topic, your body, but we will pose you in just the right way and be very considerate (and fun), bringing out your VIXEN. We are aware that a lot of the ladies on our site look like models... but we assure you they are normal girls just like you and me who came to us totally nervous and not knowing what to expect and walked away a glowing, empowered Sex-Goddess! 10 minutes in, you'll own it.

Q.  Do you provide wardrobe?

A.   No, we don't. Everyone's body is so different and besides, you don't want to be wearing someone else's lingerie anyway! Not to mention, if you own your wardrobe, that gives you the power to re-inact your shoot for your special someone (or yourself) later on! In our telephone consultation before your shoot date, we can discuss your ideas for your images and what your ultimate vision is and what you want to wear. We can also make suggestions as to what you should purchase for your wardrobe, which can guide you in the right direction as far as what will be most flattering and work best for your unique session. We even frequently consult with clients via phone from the dressing room!

Q. Do you give group discounts?

A.  YES YES YES!  One of our MOST fun things to do is Boudoir or "Doce Vida" Parties where you get you and some of your besties together to have a fun relaxing shoot. Email us for details!

Real Women, Real Curves, Real SEXY!

Real Women, Real Curves, Real SEXY!